Short Arms' First CD Album: "Making the World A Little Safer"

(files are in MP3 format encoded in 56kbps, 44KHz, Stereo)

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  1. Spy Song (unavailable)

  2. We Both Like Girls (unavailable)

  3. Who You Are (unavailable)

  4. Unite to Fight (unavailable)

  5. 35 Seconds (unavailable)

  6. Don't Say You Hate Me (unavailable)

  7. The Theme Song (download)

  8. I Thought I Told You Not to Call Me Here (unavailable)

Short Arms' DEMO CD 2002

  1. Spy Song (unavailable)

  2. Why Does My Mom Always Need My Help When I'm Jerking Off? (download)

  3. Where Have You Gone? (unavailable)

  4. Don't Say You Hate Me (unavailable)

  5. Baseball Song (download)

  6. Spike (unavailable)

  7. Oh Julie (unavailable)

  8. Tom's Happy Song (download)

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